Saturday, September 19, 2009

Baby Boom

Christmas 1945
Jane and Barbara went over these mothers and babies and think the women on the couch are Ann, Dorothy, Peggy with Joan on her lap, Pat and Grandma. On the floor Pat Bentley and Cele with Barbara on her lap (Jane thinks that might be Kay and Steven but Barbara disagrees. He wouldn't be old enough.) The original is quite scratched and has shifted yellow.

Ben was quite a photographer and did a lot of family documentation in the forties and early fifties. Bill Brackman has scanned his photos.


  1. Cecelia Gisiger Bullard says that she has a lot of photos of Stephen Gisiger (spelled correctly here) and he didn't look like that. I found a list of cousins birthdays from Aunt Vera (that I will publish here) and it says Stephen was born right after Christmas that year.
    So there Jane L. Brackman! Your sister likes to be right.

  2. Just for the record, Stephen was born December 27, 1945, and Susan February 3rd, 1947!

  3. Then he was obviously too young to be in the picture and now we know why Kay is not either.