Saturday, May 29, 2010

Moving to Queens

Tommy & Patty on the front stoop, 1930

Right after Tommy, the youngest of the 13 kids, was born in 1929 the McNallys moved out of the city to Queens Village.

Dorothy, Grandma and Patty.
Jackie in the front row, about 1942.
Jackie, born to Marie in 1937,
lived with his grandparents in Queens Village during the '40s

It was a brick house with a front stoop, nicely landscaped.
 It looks Tudor style, a typical Queens Village house.

Whose first communion? A cousin?

There was a yard with a trellis.

Grandpa seems to have been the gardener. The cigar was a period gardening accessory.

Grandma and Grandpa about 1942

The address was 89-02 215th.
It was as an impressive accomplishment at the beginning of the Depression for a man with 13 children to buy a house in Queens Village---and to keep it. I imagine the older kids worked to help.

The house may be the same one at 89-02 215th Place that sold in October, 2009 for $440,000. Records say it was built in 1925. Today it has approximately 2,432 square feet of living space and is listed as a three-story house.  A lot of room for a lot of kids.

In 1930 none of the girls had married yet. Marie, the oldest was 23. Billie and Vera were in their twenties. Cele, Lora, Peggy and Ann were teenagers, Dot was 10, Kay 8,  Jack and Buddy were 6 and 4, Patty was 2 and Tommy was a baby.

After Adelphi Street in Brooklyn, Queens with it's 2-story commercial areas and boulevards planted with trees must have looked positively rural.

The family was part of the suburban migration leaving the city.
The newspapers in the 1920s were full of ads for dream homes on the island.

Queens Village is on the eastern edge of the borough.

Does anyone know when they left this house and moved to Floral Park?

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Love Stories: Bud and Ronnie

William Joseph, known as Bud, is the second boy, the 11th child.

Jack, Patty and Buddy, maybe in the forties.

Bud and Jack during World War II

January 1944
Lora, Buddy and Kay ? and Ann ? on the couch
Jackie and Smokey in front.
Several photos from that event were in Jack's box of pictures.
Below is Grandpa in the center of the couch and what looks to be a group of Buddy's friends.
Bud's on the bottom right.

Bud married Aunt Ronnie on November 25, 1948, Thanksgiving. They were both 22 years old.
Bud and Ronnie met on a blind date---August 29, 1947. Ronnie remembers the date exactly.

Jack was dating Millie a gal that I worked with in the telephone co. Bud didn't have a date one nite when their crowd was going out so I was it.
I refused at first because I was dating a guy who was recuperating in an Army Hospital down south after the war but my Mom talked me into it---I hadn't heard from him in awhile and she said that I was wasting my youth---Mothers know best!

 We became engaged [six months later] on Valentine's Day 1948.

We got in trouble because we picked Thanksgiving Day as our wedding day not realizing that some of his sisters had to leave their kids that day.That's young love--but I think that eventually we were forgiven.

Clockwise from the man with the cigar:
 Pat, Ronnie, Bud, Edna, Tommy, Peggy and Patty

Ronnie: I remember that picture well---I assume it was taken at Jack's as he is the only one not in it. The 8 of us did a lot of things together---and had so much fun.

Ronnie and Kevin
November, 1949

Ronnie: I know that I loved being part of such a sociable musical family. However being the first sister-in-law was a little scary.

There's a thought: Marrying a man with nine older sisters---nine out-spoken older sisters.

Billy M. and Kevin August 1952

Christmas 1955



The caption on the back has everybody's ages on it, including that of Tawny the dog.
But whoever wrote it didn't know how old Ronnie and Bud were. Ageless, I guess.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


A few of the old photos are in terrible shape. This one of Grandma, Grandpa and Teddy, taken in 1938 or 1939, is from Jack's collection of loose photos. Maybe he carried it with him in his wallet while he was in the Army during the War.

I can alter these with photoshop, getting rid of the spots and wrinkles, cropping the edges and adjusting the exposure and contrast to make them clearer.

I laid this one on a brown background which makes the tears less visible, erased the dots and cracks and darkened it a little.

Jack and Kathryn in July 1926 when he was two and a half and she was just four.

Ben occasionally cut some one out of the background.
He must have carried this picture of Cele in 1930 in his wallet.

For this torn picture of Lora from Jack I added some smudgy film grain and made it arty.

It's all reversible.

So don't throw out any photos. Send them to me and brother Bill and we'll work on them. Scan them if you like or just mail them to me. I'll scan them and send them back.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother's Day 1947

Elizabeth Daly Valentine
72 years old

I found this photo in a box of loose pictures that Ben never put into the photo album. On the back it says it was printed on May 28, 1947 and then someone has written on it in pencil
Grandma valintine
(possibly me)

I would imagine that this was taken on Mother's Day, 1947

Here's the original photo scan. I darkened it, heightened the contrast, took out the spots and then added digital paint daubs.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Jack's Photos

Jack, maybe 1940

Lorraine, Jack and Edna's oldest girl, recently sent an email:

I finally started scanning pictures my Dad had tucked away. We never knew about them. I tagged them with what was written on the backs.

I put some of them on last month's post about the family band. Here are a few more:

Dotty & Jack's Graduation 1938

It looks like Lora on the left.

Tommy & Patricia McNally
July, 1930

And Smokey grown up
January 1, 1944

I'll post more of these in weeks to come.