Saturday, May 22, 2010

Love Stories: Bud and Ronnie

William Joseph, known as Bud, is the second boy, the 11th child.

Jack, Patty and Buddy, maybe in the forties.

Bud and Jack during World War II

January 1944
Lora, Buddy and Kay ? and Ann ? on the couch
Jackie and Smokey in front.
Several photos from that event were in Jack's box of pictures.
Below is Grandpa in the center of the couch and what looks to be a group of Buddy's friends.
Bud's on the bottom right.

Bud married Aunt Ronnie on November 25, 1948, Thanksgiving. They were both 22 years old.
Bud and Ronnie met on a blind date---August 29, 1947. Ronnie remembers the date exactly.

Jack was dating Millie a gal that I worked with in the telephone co. Bud didn't have a date one nite when their crowd was going out so I was it.
I refused at first because I was dating a guy who was recuperating in an Army Hospital down south after the war but my Mom talked me into it---I hadn't heard from him in awhile and she said that I was wasting my youth---Mothers know best!

 We became engaged [six months later] on Valentine's Day 1948.

We got in trouble because we picked Thanksgiving Day as our wedding day not realizing that some of his sisters had to leave their kids that day.That's young love--but I think that eventually we were forgiven.

Clockwise from the man with the cigar:
 Pat, Ronnie, Bud, Edna, Tommy, Peggy and Patty

Ronnie: I remember that picture well---I assume it was taken at Jack's as he is the only one not in it. The 8 of us did a lot of things together---and had so much fun.

Ronnie and Kevin
November, 1949

Ronnie: I know that I loved being part of such a sociable musical family. However being the first sister-in-law was a little scary.

There's a thought: Marrying a man with nine older sisters---nine out-spoken older sisters.

Billy M. and Kevin August 1952

Christmas 1955



The caption on the back has everybody's ages on it, including that of Tawny the dog.
But whoever wrote it didn't know how old Ronnie and Bud were. Ageless, I guess.

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