Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Robinsons

When the Bentleys and the Brackmans lived in Halesite the Robinsons lived in the house between us. Above: Ben as proud owner of his new house about 1950, complete with a cage for the children, which would come in handy.

The Robinsons became part of the extended family. Above Geoff Robinson, Joan Bentley, Barbara and Bill Brackman and Jerry Robinson at a summer birthday party.

Above, Aunt Betty Robinson on the right at this party. Is that seated woman Mrs. Harrison who lived across the street?

Chris Robinson is at the corner of the table.

Boys versus girls. Jerry, Bill and Geoff. Joan & Barbara.

Barbara, Geoff and Bill, maybe 1951.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Edna Mae Van Zandt McNally

Edna in 1983

Aunt Edna died earlier this month at the age of 84. She married Uncle Jack on November 25, 1950. This photo of him in 1949 with Aunt Peggy as Jane's godparents shows what a catch he was.

Edna was a catch herself. She was an outgoing woman who stood out in a family of outgoing people. In a recent email, her sister-in-law Aunt Ronnie said she'd been living with her daughter Lorraine in Huntington,

"enjoying her time at the Huntington Senior Citizen Center playing pool with all the guys. (Isn't that just like her?)"

 Edna Mae Rita Van Zandt was born in Brooklyn on June 30, 1925. Here is her obituary from Newsday.

McNALLY - Edna Mae, on November 8, 2009. Beloved wife of the late John "Jack" McNally. Predeceased by daughter Gloria. Loving mother of Lawrence, Lorraine Taylor, Daniel, Kenneth, Dolores Murray, Diane Piomelli and Theresa McNally. Cherished Nana of many grandchildren. Survived by brother George Van Zandt and sister Lillian Carnella.... Edna will join her husband and daughter at Long Island National Cemetery.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Polka Dots

Kay in Montauk 1945

Cele & Jane 1949

Kay & Cele 1954

Back: Kathy B.
Front: Mary Ann N., Leanne & Jill McN., Cece G.
About 1962

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Middle Names

William Henry Conrad DeKalb McNally
Anna Marie Collette Valentine McNally
These pictures were labeled by Ben as "about 1906" but we've all been told that's Anna on (or near) her wedding day, November 29, 1905. There are many copies of that photo in the family. Cece said she was shocked to see it in a magazine picture and then realized that the picture was of Jane's living room in an article on restored bungalows.
The bride and groom each had an impressive string of names. This may be the reason my mother Cecelia was given only one name at baptism. Her middle name Grace was her confirmation name, one she chose. I'm guessing most of her sisters and brothers were also given one baptismal name and their middle names were their confirmation names. My confirmation name is Agnes, the same as Aunt Vera's.