Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Robinsons

When the Bentleys and the Brackmans lived in Halesite the Robinsons lived in the house between us. Above: Ben as proud owner of his new house about 1950, complete with a cage for the children, which would come in handy.

The Robinsons became part of the extended family. Above Geoff Robinson, Joan Bentley, Barbara and Bill Brackman and Jerry Robinson at a summer birthday party.

Above, Aunt Betty Robinson on the right at this party. Is that seated woman Mrs. Harrison who lived across the street?

Chris Robinson is at the corner of the table.

Boys versus girls. Jerry, Bill and Geoff. Joan & Barbara.

Barbara, Geoff and Bill, maybe 1951.


  1. In one of the photos above you hypothesize that the "seated woman" might be Mrs. Harrison. If so, was she the mother of the legendary daughters Faith, Hope, and Charity?

  2. I believe she was mother to only two children who were named Faith and Hope. (Dashed hopes perhaps, misplaced faith in her fertility)