Saturday, April 30, 2011

More of Pat's 2010 Pictures

Pat sent pictures of reunions with her sisters last year.
Here are Joan, Pat and Maureen about 1950


Kathy in 1966


Saturday, April 23, 2011

%#&! My Mother Used to Say

Cele & Barbara 1945

My mother never swore, except for hell and damn once in a while. Towards the end of her life she learned to say crap from her teenagers.

Cele, Jane, Bill & Barbara

But she did have a nice vocabulary for difficult situations that was a combination of conventional swearing and Catholic liturgy.

My favorite was "GOD grant me grace and patience!" with a heavy emphasis on the first word.


Another was "HO-ly Mother of God!" with the emphasis on the Ho in Holy.

These exclamations are, of course, delicate substitutes for "Gosh darn it" and "Holy Moly."

It's a good thing she wasn't around for the late 1960s and '70s when we learned to swear from other sources. It may have all been Holden Caulfield's fault.

I am guessing she learned to swear from her mother.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Pictures from Pat B

Pat in 1945
Pat sent a Christmas note with photos of her family adventures in 2010.

There were graduations of grandchildren

Birthday parties and reunions

These are scans of photocopies so the picture quality isn't too sharp.

More later.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

1946 After the War

June 1946
Cele and Barbara at Barnegat
What's that Stork in the background?

Kay and Steve
January 1946

Warren, Kay & Steve

In 1946 a good automobile cost $1,400

Gasoline was 21 cents a gallon
A New House cost $12,5000

Barbara & Ben
November, 1946
Cele & Barbara

Bread was 10 cents a loaf
A Stamp cost 3 cents

Barbara & Steve
September 1946

But on the other hand:
The Minimum wage was 40 cents per hour

The average annual salary was $3,150
And the stock market average stood at 177.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Elizabeth's List of Family

Another of the documents passed down in the family is a photocopied list that we assume was written by Elizabeth Daly Valentine. The names are her parents and siblings, the Dalys, all of them born in Ireland.

Here I've digitized it, cleaned it up and reconstructed it in her handwriting. The added death dates are from Bambi's genealogical research.

This is what it says:
This gives the date and age of our family

William and Ann daly was maried September 19th, 1848

Bridget Born June 28th 1849 [December 20, 1934]

Margret Born June 12 1852 [February 6, 1929]

Richard Born April 11 1854 [June 24 1932]

Mary Born Mary 4 1857 [April 26, 1879]

Jehenna Born July 20 1859 [December 29, 1870]

Elisa Born July 6 1861 [Feb 27, 1951]

Annie Born December 10 1863 [September 5, 1885]

John Born March 20 1866 [1921]
May, 1947 with great-grandson William