Saturday, November 7, 2009

Middle Names

William Henry Conrad DeKalb McNally
Anna Marie Collette Valentine McNally
These pictures were labeled by Ben as "about 1906" but we've all been told that's Anna on (or near) her wedding day, November 29, 1905. There are many copies of that photo in the family. Cece said she was shocked to see it in a magazine picture and then realized that the picture was of Jane's living room in an article on restored bungalows.
The bride and groom each had an impressive string of names. This may be the reason my mother Cecelia was given only one name at baptism. Her middle name Grace was her confirmation name, one she chose. I'm guessing most of her sisters and brothers were also given one baptismal name and their middle names were their confirmation names. My confirmation name is Agnes, the same as Aunt Vera's.

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