Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hair Do's

Cele in the 1940s with classic upswept hair.

The hair styles during the War years are the best. Everyone is wearing a lot of hair on top of their heads.

Ann, Dorothy and a friend about 1940.

Back row: Cele, Dorothy, Kathryn. Front row, Pat, Ben and Joan, 1944.

I found some funny photographs on the Library of Congress webpage in a group labeled "Safe Clothes for War Work" with hair-do suggestions.

Whether it was patriotic or practical or just a fad the look was quite popular.

Ben's sister Edie and her daughter Cecelia.

A baby shower for me with Ben and the women who worked for him at the phone company, summer, 1945.

Tommy, Patty and Bud, 1941

I remember that my mother in the 1950s still had hair rats (wire and net sausage-like forms) to roll her hair around to get that rolled effect. She also kept a hair saver, a fancy box with a hole in it in which she saved her own hair to make hair rats.
By the 1960s we ratted our hair by backcombing it and spraying it with hairspray to get a lot of height.

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  1. Mom kept her long hair in that upswept hairstyle into her late 80's when I cut it short (at her request) to make it easier for her to handle.