Saturday, May 1, 2010

Jack's Photos

Jack, maybe 1940

Lorraine, Jack and Edna's oldest girl, recently sent an email:

I finally started scanning pictures my Dad had tucked away. We never knew about them. I tagged them with what was written on the backs.

I put some of them on last month's post about the family band. Here are a few more:

Dotty & Jack's Graduation 1938

It looks like Lora on the left.

Tommy & Patricia McNally
July, 1930

And Smokey grown up
January 1, 1944

I'll post more of these in weeks to come.


  1. The info that I have indicates that Jack was born in 1924 or so. That'd make him a 1941 or 1942 high school grad, not 1938. Dorothy was 3 years older so maybe she graduated in '38.

  2. Maybe she was graduating from high school and he from grade school.