Saturday, April 24, 2010

Happy Birthday, Jane

Chris & John (?) Robinson, Moe and Jane
About 1950

As today is Jane's birthday her older sister will take this opportunity to post a short biography.
I was 4 and Bill was 3 when she arrived. We were thrilled to have a little sister.

She was darn cute from the start.

She had curly red hair, a gift from her Dad.

Dad with hair, about 1913

The only problem was she was crazy.

She told the neighbors her name was Mary. I recall a woman asking me about my sister Mary once. Her name is Jane, I insisted, to little effect.

Worst of all she thought she was a dog, the offspring of this dog, Timmy Robinson.
Her earliest memory is lying on the grass looking up at the enormous cocker spaniel in great contentment.

Our house was full of her imaginary dog pack.
The imaginary dogs spent a lot of time under this stove which had legs.

Cele about 1953
I remember Cele couldn't light the oven because the imaginary dog was living in there.

Jane and Duchess

Jane grew out of this stage and lived a seemingly normal life. I believe she learned merely to stop talking about the imaginary dogs. 

Chienne in the Christmas picture 1964

She got a Ph.D. in dogs and is an expert on how dogs have changed over time. She writes articles popularizing dog science for magazines like Bark and the American Kennel Club's Gazette. She posts comments here under her alterego Dr. Barkman.

Jane and Sophia

Today she lives in Altadena, California with 3 dogs.
She also has two stepchildren and two granddaughters.

Her husband Rod is a tv director.
He won an Emmy for directing E.R. last year.

They have a vintage stove with legs that looks very much like the one we had when we were kids.

Jane, Rod and friend Charles wondering if stove will explode

It never works at Thanksgiving and we always have an oven crisis.
Why doesn't she get a new stove, we wonder.
I know why.
A new stove would not have any room for the imaginary dogs underneath.

Many years ago:
Jane and Rod and the tangible dog pack of Ruth, Mickey and Willy

Hear a 40 minute radio interview with Dr. Barkman by clicking here:

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