Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Family Band

Tommy Duane and Pat Bentley in November, 1945
Pat is playing the same banjo ukulele seen in this post.

Those are Grandpa's drums so it must be the McNally basement.

The same party

Bill Brackman in 1950
The basement had dress-up clothes and instruments.

My most vivid McNally memories are of the music. Give any one of them a drink or two and they would burst into song.

Jack on saxophone, Vera on piano and Ann on ukulele, 1968

Cele played the ukulele too
 I had to do a lot of photoshopping to restore this photo of her
when she was about 20 in 1930. It was creased badly.
I imagine Ben carried it in his wallet.

And she sang, as did everyone else.

Ann, Patty, Tommy, Jack and Bud at an Outlaw Party
The fashion looks to be the 1970s.

There was dancing too.

Pat, Ronnie and Dotty

We still have a family band although the family is extended across the alley to the neighbors.

Above Jane playing with my neighbor Charles in 2007.

Stanley and Christa on guitar
and keyboard here in 2008 with Charles and Jane.
Jane's husband Rod is playing the harmonica.
The band is called The Disappointments.

Christa, Charles, Jane's daughter-in-law Ilka
 and sister-in-law Flo in 2009
Charles, Flo and Jane play the ukulele. The Dissappointments  
often sing songs I can remember that Cele played.
Five Foot Two
Ain't She Sweet
Yes Sir That's My Baby

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