Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dalmatians: Timmy, Teddy and Smokey

 Dalmatians are traditional coach dogs because they work well with the horses.

Memory is elusive. For much of our lives Jane and I have discussed Timmy, a succession of Grandpa's fire house dogs. When Jane was young she demanded a dog, so we got a Dalmatian because that was the McNally family dog. She named him Timmy.

Jane and Timmy about 1952

 Georgi notified us that she and her mother Anna recall the McNally's dog's name was Teddy.

Jane said, "I've been living a lie all these years."
What else have we misremembered?

Here are Georgi's comments:

Teddy and Smokey were both dalmatians. Teddy was the dog at the firehouse where Grandpa worked and when Teddy was "retired" Grandpa took him home. As the firehouse dog Teddy would run before the fire truck to clear traffic. Mom said that when they all piled into the car to go to church, Teddy would run in front of the car. She said everyone knew them - first came the dog, then came McNally and his kids. Smokey was Teddy's son, and was more my Mom's [Aunt Ann's] dog. She trained him and took care of him. She even taught him to stand on his hind legs and shadow box with her.

Bud and Jackie with a puppy in 1940

I sent this picture to Ronnie and Buddy and Ronnie emailed back:

That handsome guy [in the photo] says the puppy is definitely Smokey-although he is not sure which number. Grandpa brought home at least 2 or 3 Dalmatians from the firehouse and they were all named Smokey.

Cele and Jane and Timmy in Cincinnati. That's our tan Studebaker coupe, I believe.

Jane named the dog Timmy because our Halesite neighbors the Robinsons had a cocker spaniel named Timmy (actually they had two black cockers named Timmy.)

John, Chris, Jim, Jerry, Geoff Robinson and Timmy #2.

Jane's Timmy did not last as the family pet for too long. Like most Dalmatians he was a rambunctious youth and he knocked Jane over a lot, so a new home was found for Timmy and we got a beagle named Wimpy (or maybe it was Muffin.) I can't remember.

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