Saturday, December 12, 2009

Bangs in the 1950s

If the upswept hairdo's of the 1940s were classically beautiful, the short bangs of the 1950s were a classic in another way. We are not related to First Lady and fashion trend setter Mamie Eisenhower, except by fashion.

Things are still cute in 1950 as in the picture above of Joan, Bill, (?) and Moe.

But by 1956 the mini-bang had arrived.
Joan, Bill, Barbara in the back.
Moe and Jane in front.

 Barbara, above in 1958; Jane to the left in 1957.

1954. The Brackmans. Can you tell our Dad cuts our hair?

This model in the Ladies' Home Journal in 1949 probably didn't get her hair cut by her dad. The look, however, is the same. It must have been more fashionable than I recall.

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  1. Great to see these old haircuts. Up to what age did you dad cut your hair? Did he have scissors cape hairclippers ect?