Saturday, January 30, 2010

Aunt Lora

Loretta Theresa McNally was the 5th daughter of William and Anna McNally, born on May 17, 1913 in Brooklyn. She was William Brackman's godmother and here she is taking her duties seriously at his christening in early 1947 when she was 33. Dad's friend Tom Berry was godfather.

Vera, Cele and Laura at Cele's house in Cincinnati in February, 1953.
I wish I'd saved those Russell Wright dishes.
Cele was quite taken with the chartreuse and red color scheme and painted the dining room to match.

Lora didn't marry until she was 44 so she and Aunt Vera were a pair of independent women. I remember they had the freedom to take vacations and their lives seemed far more glamorous than my mother's who had three kids to raise.

Things got even more glamorous when Lora married Jim Lynch on July 7, 1957. What a good looking guy he was! They never had kids so, like Vera, she seemed a special aunt who found her nieces and nephews somewhat entertaining.

Engagement Party 1957

Wedding July 7, 1957

She died June 8, 1971, at the age of 58--- of kidney failure, as I recall. I am guessing she took the confirmation name Theresa after her Aunt Theresa, Uncle Lew's wife Theresa Donohue Valentine.

Lew and Theresa Valentine in 1934

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