Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Beach

Ben and Cele, 1938

Kay & Dot 1938
To go to the beach you had to have an army blanket.

Cele, second from left, and Vera with friends in 1940

Warren in Montauk, 1945

Kansas is almost as good as New York, except we have no beach. Growing up near the beach is a great thing, a constant excuse for a party. Nothing held more excitement for me when I was a kid than the news that we were planning a trip to the ocean and Jones Beach. I always was irritated that Joan had a beach and I did not, however.

Front Row: Who's that baby on the left? Jane is the baby in the middle
Standing: Barbara behind Joan, then Pat with Maureen and Susan
Behind: Steve, Warren and on the right Ben and Bill (?).

Susan, Maureen, Bill and Jane in back, 1966.

Kathy Bentley and Jane

Buddy, Ronnie, Peggy Bentley, Barbara and Peggy McNally, 1978.
 It's not that I liked the sun. I just liked the beach.
The New Yorkers have the proper wardrobes---and tans.

Ben, Moe and Biff, 1966
 Peggy behind Joan and Maureen and Joan's kids.
And who is that with her head turned?