Saturday, March 20, 2010

Reunion Party 1980

Aunts Billie and Patty next to Maureen. In front of them on the floor: Michael Neary. Jane sitting on the floor.
Susan Gisiger and Chrissy (or maybe Jamin) in the chair.  On the floor looking at the camera Danny McNally and with his back to us ???

In Jane's photo albums I found these two snapshots of a reunion party labeled October, 1980. I photoshopped both of them to improve the exposure. The one above was overexposed on one side and underexposed on the other so I seamed two slightly improved pictures together.

Then we polled a group of cousins to ask who the heck was there. Kath Bentley says it was at the Bentley house in Smithtown.

The consensus:
On the very back row: Michael Neary and Billy McNally.
Middle Row: Aunts Billie, Patty, Peggy McNally and Edna. Uncle Tommy.
Maureen's standing front and center with a black shirt on and right behind her Susan with her two kids, Jamin on the left and Chrissy behind her. Some thought that might be me---but I don't remember being there. Chrissy does and she says she was standing on a chair.

To the right of Maureen: MaryAnn Neary and then the twins Dolores and Diane McNally with Uncle Pat between them. In front: Danny McNally.

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