Saturday, September 11, 2010

Uncle Lew's Family

Grandma's brother Uncle Lew married twice. His first wife was Elizabeth Donohue who died when she was about 28 in 1910, leaving 4 young children: Elizabeth, Edward, Dorothy and Ruth. These children were our parents' first cousins.

Lew and Theresa

 He married Elizabeth's older sister Theresa about 1914 and they had a daughter Miriam.

Miriam at 10

Lew and Theresa with Miriam behind them and an older daughter
 John V. says this was his grandmother's favorite photo and it hung in her bedroom.


Miriam married John Joseph Sheehan in 1945 and had four children: John Valentine, Mary, Monica and Matthew.

John J. and John V in the late 1940s.

John V. is a subscriber to this blog. He has posted his family photos on a Picasa web album. Click here to see his albums, featuring photos of his mother Miriam and his granddad Lew.

Lewis about 1885???
All these photos are from John's web album.

Uncle Lew's inauguration as Police Commissioner in 1934.
Our Great-Grandmother Elizabeth Daly Valentine is standing to the left. I am guessing that Lew's wife Theresa is next, then two of his older daughters.

Lew's descendants had a reunion in 2006.

I didn't recognize any McNallys in John's photo albums but you might.

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