Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Search Box

There's a new feature over in the left hand column, a SEARCH box. Type in the subject or name and search this blog for your own self or a topic like dogs.

Left to right: Elizabeth Daly Valentine,
 her son Commissioner Lewis, his wife Teresa  and daughter Miriam 
at his Swearing-In Ceremony in 1934

 For example: Type in Lew and three or four pages of posts referring to Lewis Valentine come up at the top of the text. 

Try  Brooklyn or Grandpa

You can also search by Label. Many of the posts have the names of the families in the labels, which you will see at the bottom of each post. See the labels at the bottom of this one.
Click on the family name or topic there and you'll see all the posts with that label. If you are looking for a particular person or family try both search methods.

PS: I've been trying out the Search box and find it's hard to work. Just keep trying is all I can suggest.


  1. I knew I was descended from aliens! :-) - Chrissy