Saturday, January 29, 2011

Spiritual Crisis in Dogland

Sister Jane sends photos of a new dog Isabelle.
She likes to keep the dog population at her house at four dogs.

When she reads about people who are busted for owning 27 or 38, she says, "There but for the grace of Rod go I." (Rod is her husband, who also likes to keep the dog population at about four.)

We may have to address the heriditary dog affection in the family soon. I know she's not the only McNally descendant who likes to keep it at about four.

When Jane was in the Fourth Grade she had a significant run-in with religious doctrine. Mrs. L. (above top left) was trying to explain the concept of original sin. Jane had a question:

"Why can't dogs go to heaven? They have no original sin."

Mrs. L. told her to sit down. She did but she seethed. She is still confused, although she recently heard that Martin Luther said dogs could go to heaven. She is considering adopting the Lutheran tenets of faith.

A later problem was in Spanish class when pondering the concept of the masculine and feminine pronouns La and El as in el perro. Jane had a question:
If La is feminine and El is masculine, what is a neutered dog?

She's lucky she made it through school.

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