Saturday, February 26, 2011

Baptismal Certificate

Another photocopied item you may have is this Certificate of Baptism.

The negative copy was made in 1935, I imagine when Social Security was introduced and people needed to prove their ages to obtain benefits. Elizabeth Valentine was in her seventies then. The photo of her, her daughter-in-law Theresa and Lew's three girls is from 1934 when Lew was sworn in as Commissioner.

Using Photoshop to reverse the negative makes it easier to read.

Certificate of Baptism

Parish of Ferns...Diocese of Ferns

I HEREBY CERTIFY that Elizabeth Daly

was Baptized, according to the Rites of the Holy Catholic Church, in the Church of

St. Aidan...Parish of Ferns...

on the 6th day of July year 1861 (sixty one)

by Rev. J. Doyle

Parents...William Daly and Anne (nee Daly)

Sponsors Patrick Hayes & Ellen Murphy

PLEASE RETURN James Rossiter } Parish Priest

To T.H. Graham??? Mgr.

BK. 11 Date Aug 13th 1935

Ferns is a small medieval town. Here's a link to information about it in the Wikipedia (which may or may not be totally accurate.),_County_Wexford

Ferns itself has only about 1,000 people but the diocese of Ferns has 100,000 Catholics, so Elizabeth may have been born near St. Aidan's Cathedral in Enniscorthy. The Cathedral there was built between 1843 and 1849 with the tower finished in 1873. It looked much like this when Elizabeth was baptized on her birthday.

If you've been to County Wexford seeking out the Daly ancestors send pictures.

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