Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Print-On-Demand Book

McNally Family Album

I've taken many of the photos and information from this blog and uploaded a book design to This is a print-on-demand service that makes books as they are ordered.

You can order The McNally Family Album as a paperback, a hardback with a dust jacket or a wrap-around image cover. Click here to see a preview (just turn the pages by clicking on the arrow).

A page spread

And order one or ten (there are discounts for quantity books).

The book is 40 pages, 7" square and contains geneaological information about the McNallys, the Valentines, the Curleys and the Dalys, most of it derived from Bambi's research. The photos were sent by several cousins and they've all appeared on the blog.

The book won't go out of print and you can order it any time. I've put a box on the left that you can click on any time to go directly to the page at

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