Saturday, July 17, 2010


Chicken photo from the Library of Congress

Living out here in Kansas I often hear stories about my friends' bucolic childhoods and what an event it was to visit Grandma on the farm. These stories often involve chickens and the wringing of the chickens' necks.

Something sad going on with a chicken.
Photo from the Library of Congress

I've always been pleased to be unable to contribute anything more to the conversation than "Yech!"

However, I have recently been wondering about this photo from the family album.

It's titled Pat, September, 1945
She's in the yard of the house in Queen's Village, I think.
She's five.

Those are chickens in the lovely little chicken house.
(Do note the striped awning matching the house awnings.)
I imagine it was some kind of Victory Garden effort during World War II.

Let's hope our Grandma never had to wring any chickens' necks.
Patty, Grandma and Pat

I like to think they kept them for the eggs.

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