Saturday, July 31, 2010


Joan, 1945
From Jack's photos

We didn't get air conditioning until we moved to this house in the suburbs of Kansas City in 1959.
With one tree in the neighborhood we needed it.

Before that we relied on fans:


And manual

On porches and patios, and living outside

Betty R. on her patio on Russet Lane

July 1949
Sundresses on Ben and Cele's patio on Russet Lane

On getting out of the city onto or into the water

Ben on left with friends at Fort Salonga on Long Island

Cele (right) and a friend at Eagle Bay in Old Forge, New York

About 1950
Barbara, Ben, Bill and Uncle Eddie

On going to the movies, which were "cooled by refrigeration."

And on ice cream from the Carvel.


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