Saturday, August 28, 2010

Comfort Food

About once a year I get a craving for a baloney sandwich.

It has to have the right kind of bread.
One slice of baloney.
And real mayonnaise.

But it never tastes right because it is missing the sand.

Kay and Cele

When you went to the beach you drank cold water out of a thermos cooler like the one above.

Ben, Moe and Biff
You took a bunch of sandwiches and beer for the grown-ups.

Who?, Moe, 2 Peggies, Tommy, Who?, Bud and who in front?

The sandwiches were of two kinds:

And liverwurst.
I have never gotten a craving for a liverwurst sandwich.

The third possibility was egg salad but it was well known that many people died of egg-salad-sandwich food poisoning every year.

Another well known fact was that children who ate lunch and went swimming within an hour would automatically drown.

Barbara, Joan, Pat, Maureen, Susan behind Jane
This is where we learned to tell time, waiting till the hour was up.

If we didn't complain too much we might get an Eskimo Pie---after swimming.
If you ate it mid-afternoon you'd have to start the hour wait all over again.

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