Saturday, August 21, 2010


In 1943, about 23 years old

Dorothy Gertrude was born in 1920, the eighth daughter, between Ann and Kay.

June, 1938
Dot, at 18, graduating from High School
Jack, four years younger, graduating from grade school (?)
The only reason Jack is taller than Dorothy here is that he is standing on a step.

Ann and Dot

April, 1944
Cele, Dot and Kay behind Pat B. and Ben

Dorothy was the tallest girl, an attribute considered quite attractive today, but it may be she was often advised to wear flats.

August, 1939 at Peggy's wedding

On Jack's copy of this photo he wrote
"Vitamin Pills"

Pat and her Aunt Dorothy
Christmas in Queens Village, 1945

What a head of hair!
(That might be something my mother would have said.)

Dorothy married Edward Koch (NOT the mayor) in 1946.
Here she is in 1946 with her sister Billie in the center and Billie's husband Buddy.

Uncle Eddie about 1950

They had three children. Above Eddie in 1957
Below Cathy and Eddie in 1962

Dorothy with her sisters in the 1970s. Peggy in the center;
Kay on the right

Singing with Kay.
Ann is playing the piano.
Biff is enjoying the show.

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