Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sixty Six Years Ago

According to my baby book I was christened in Jackson Heights on July 22, 1945. My mother wrote an account of the festivities in my baby book, a nice snap shot of the McNallys in the last month of World War II.

St Joan of Arc on 35th Avenue and
83rd St in Jackson Heights

Here's what the page says:

Godmother: Veronica A. McNally
Godfather: Charles Bentley

Notes: Everyone had a fine time and you slept all day and evening but cried from midnight till 4 AM the following morning.
[In my defense I have to say I was remembered as a colicky baby with milk allergies. I bet they gave me ice cream. I still cry all night when I eat ice cream.]

Those Present: Grandmother and Father McNally, Aunt Marie & Jack, The Duanes, Aunt Vera, Bentleys, Aunts Lora, Dorothy Pat, Veronica, Tom Berry, Mr. & Mrs. Callahan, the Gisigers. Uncle Jack was not present as he was overseas. Uncle Bud was not present as he was in the hospital in Georgia. Aunt Anne was in Mississippi and Uncle Tom had a date.

Bud and Tom 1944

Joan & Pat
Summer 1945

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