Saturday, September 10, 2011

China Hand Off

You may remember Grandma Valentine's dishes.
They've been in Kansas since 1959.

I thought maybe my niece (Jane's stepdaughter) might like them but she really doesn't care for antiques.
So it was time to hand them off to someone with more nieces.


How to get them 1800 miles to New York City?
I didn't want to ship them.

I'd always hoped I would drive across the country but that is unlikely to happen.

I thought about taking them as luggage on an airplane but that could be disastrous

Then our friend Stanley (who leads a bi-coastal life) was driving from Los Angeles to Manhattan a few months ago---our hero.

Jane and Stanley delivering
He drove the box to New York, stored the china in his bedroom for a few months and then drove us to Moe's.

Mission Accomplished
Dishes back in New York City
Where they belong

Moe says she'll make room and use them happily.

See more about the china at a post a few months ago:

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