Saturday, October 23, 2010

Aunt Ann's Birthday

Aunt Ann will be 93 years old on November 5th. She would love it if her nieces and nephews would send her cards. Her vision is poor so something textured might be nice, or a card that plays a tune or a message. She won't be able to read the cards herself (she sees only shadows now), but Bambi can read them to her.

Email me at and I'll send you her street address.

Her daughter Georgi (who used to be Bambi) keeps me posted as to how she's doing. This past year she has moved into a nursing home. She still loves to play the piano. Here's what Bambi wrote in August.

She's slowly adjusting... She likes the staff and they like her (I've been told she's one of their favorite patients).  She's been playing the electric keyboard on a regular basis and "entertaining" the other patients and staff for which she got a certificate of achievement. It's good mental stimulation for her since she can't see to participate in a lot of the other activities they have there, so they encourage her.

Bambi sent a few photos the other day.

When I arrived this afternoon mom was entertaining with Stacy the music therapist (standing). Stacy plays the violin to accompany mom's keyboard. One of the administrative type people told me she would be looking at keyboards this weekend that would be installed permanently on her floor so mom can play anytime she wants. I think it's really nice of them to go to all that to accommodate her.
I still call her Ann because that's what my mother called her,
but I think she uses her full name Anna.


  1. She still goes by Ann, and I'm still Bambi. Or rather I'm still both Bambi & Georgi. Now would that be a split personality or a dual personality??? LOL ;)

  2. Mom wanted me to post a thank you here to everyone for all the cards and the flowers you sent for her birthday. She really enjoyed hearing them and she did try looking at each of the cards. I'm not quite sure how much she really saw but regardless she was very appreciative of each one. So thank you from Mom (and from me).