Saturday, October 30, 2010


William McNally  in 1945 at 65

The grandchildren's perspective on Grandpa was a cranky guy with a cigar and a beer.

In 1957 on his way to Lora's wedding, 77 years old

If you had 42 (?) grandchildren you might be cranky too when they showed up. 
You'd be going straight to the Frigidaire to check on the Rheingold situation.
He's always on the sidelines in my memory.
His name was William, but what did people call him?
Maybe his friends call him Mack.
His children called him Pop.

And then in Jack's box of pictures is a whole different view.

1945 in the basement bar
A photo portrait of a happy guy who was probably a lot of fun.

With Buddy and friends in 1944

At Jack and Edna's wedding in 1950. He's about 70.

With Jack in 1939, Jack is about 15, Pop is about 59

An affectionate guy!


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