Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Family Tree

I've been working on my Photoshopping skills. Here's an old family tree lithograph I found at the Library of Congress web site with family portraits dropped in.
That landscape doesn't look much like Brooklyn.

Starting at the bottom and going up chronologically

Buddy, Patty, Tommy
Peggy, Ann, Dorothy, Kay, Jack
Marie, Billie, Cele, Vera, Lora
Grandpa and Grandma

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  1. Hello. I am a curator at Brigham Young University's Special Collections department. I am working with my colleagues John Murphy and Ryan Lee to create a mock-up of a flier and poster to put out in our library to let patrons know that we are willing to accept their family papers. We are looking for an image to use on them and found your nice family history tree. Would it be okay if we were to use your image on our flier and poster? I'm only at the mock-up stage and my graphic artist may find something else later but I really like your image and feel it fits our message well. Thanks for your consideration of my request.